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From the iris flower, a versatile, completely natural product


The Iris, a unique ingredient for prised French perfumes

The Iris pallida rhizome from Tuscany is a quality product exported by the Cooperative Toscana Giaggiolo to Grasse in France, international centre of fragrance distillation. The roots of this species contain Iridione, a precious essence with violet notes, delicate and lingering, used as a base by many top-name perfume makers. The ‘iris butter’ is moreover used as a natural base for sealing fragrances and producing distillates.


From the infusion of the rhizome, an aroma for use in the making of liquors

The whole white rhizome finds its main application in the spirits industry, as a base for some of the most noted liquors on the market. They are used in infusions to perfume some wines as well, lending the product a characteristic note of sweet violet.


A delicate perfume, with therapeutic and relaxing properties for top quality products

The cosmetics industry uses the iris mainly in the production of face powders, while the essences are used in making beauty creams with a pleasant violet scent. Its use has healing and regenerative properties for the skin, and in aromatherapy it is considered stimulating and liberating for the senses, favouring relaxation and mediation.

Other uses

From herbal medicine to products for newborns

The rhizome has several additional applications. Historically used as a scent for linens and an anti-moth agent,  the white rhizome has also been used for making pain-soothing teething rings for babies. In herbal medicine it is utilised in the making of therapeutic, soothing preparations.