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The Cooperative

a network of small, traditional producers, with an eye towards the future

The Cooperative

strategic collaboration among small Tuscan growers

The Cooperative Tuscan Iris is today the main reference point for the sale of dried rhizomes in Italy and the world. Its members are producers growing exclusively in this part of the Tuscan region, the area between Chianti and Valdarno: small companies, for the most part, united in addressing the costs of processing and commercialisation. The Cooperative is tasked with maintaining sales strategies, in the name of a quality product and established prices.
It coordinates the producers from planting to harvest, offering technical assistance and direction on production through periodic meetings with its members. It also oversees quality control of the peeled Iris to ensure respect for quality specifications. 


A force in iris exportation

Tuscan Iris was launched in 1978 with the goal of becoming a valued representative in the exportation of rhizomes to Grasse in France and the rest of the world.
Since its founding, the Cooperative has handled the collection of products from its members and their marketing, positioning itself to ensure the continuity of sales, and thus the cultivation itself. It is the sole reference point in determining and guaranteeing the parameters of quality specifications, and monitoring the high value of its members’ production.  

The companies

A network of small Tuscan producers

Around 200 growers are united under the Cooperative Toscana Giaggiolo, with about 30 hectares of land: many historical in the region, but also many young entrepreneurs passionate about this land and its products. Iris cultivation, despite the great amount of manual labour required, remains one of the most important activities in Tuscany.